A highly motivated and innovative team with diverse talents in specialist camera systems

Extreme Environments


Our Work

We are industry leaders for minicams, underwater cameras on-board cameras, drones and crew hire. We’ve supplied mini-cams, underwater housings, covert camera, sound equipment and other broadcast equipment to BBC Top Gear (10 Years), Car Pool Karaoke, The Met: Policing London and The Jump.

Extreme Facilities consists of a highly motivated, and innovative team with diverse talents in specialist camera systems, electronics, design & engineering who address current and emerging demands with fresh and innovative solutions for today's and tomorrow's Broadcast Television Programmes and Feature Films.

Extreme Environments

Our team have worked in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, including the coldest and hottest inhabited places on earth, dense humid jungles and high mountain treks. These extreme environments present huge challenges for a production, experience in designing equipment to work in these conditions and the crew to operate them is an essential part of a successful show.

Extreme Innovation

Innovation is the key to what we do at Extreme Facilities, this is what separates us from our competition and drives us to being the best at what we do. We can produce custom designed solutions to whatever your problem happens to be.

Extreme Speed

The majority of our work involves rigging cameras to fast moving objects whether that’s cars, planes, boats, trains, etc. Safety is obviously the prime concern in these situations, for the equipment, for what it is being mounted to and most importantly the people around it! This is something we have to take into consideration on all our shoots and is always the first thing we work out.

Extreme Drones


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Equipment Hire

We are keen to support your next production, guide you through acquisition, maximise creative impact and minimise cost. We can advise you on workflow to make post production stress free and rewarding.

Spend less time messing about in the video editing suite and more time sharing your videos. QuikStories means your videos are sent straight from your GoPro HERO6 to your smartphone, where the app transforms it into a stunning edited video, ready for you to share.

Z Cam E2 – 4K Ultra HD Cinematic Camera with Micro Four Thirds Mount (Z CAM E2). Please Note: For NEW cards please use CFast reader and not camera as card reader. Use Mac or Windows to formatt NEW CFast cards too.
The Z Cam E2 Cinematic Camera is a 4K Ultra HD High Resolution camera. The camera comes with multi-cam synchronisation, an iOS app for control setting and live preview options, and gigabit ethernet for data, control and live streaming.  It has 13~15 stops of dynamic range (16 WDR Enabled) and its 4K @120fps, 10-bit colour for endless high quality shooting.

Extreme Facilities offer a variety of portable tracking options, for mounting to any vehicle. The lightweight custom Phoenix Tracking Rigs offer fully stabilized Camera, Gimbal, & vertical damper. Shooting up to 5.2k, options include, our ultra-smooth motorized riser, for back, front or side mounting. This whole package travels as check-in luggage in only 4 cases including all controls, rigging, and camera system. The Extreme Riser is a heavier duty motorized riser used with a Black Arm and Ronin 2, the system can carry cameras such as the Arri Alexa/Mini, Red Helium, Sony F55, and similar camera systems.