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Cobham - SOLO H.264 SD/HD COFDM Video/Telemetry Transmitter

The SOLO H.264 Transmitter is a rugged, Standard or High Definition digital video transmitter.

The SOLO H.264 SD/HD COFDM Transmitter can operate in various transmission bandwidths allowing a trade off between image quality and range.


  • Low delay H.264 SD & HD encoding
  • HD-SDI/SDI with embedded audio input
  • Composite video input
  • HDMI input with embedded audio input
  • ASI input and output
  • DVB-T 6/7/8MHz and optional narrowband modulation
  • Low power consumption 10W
  • Ultra lightweight 400g

The SOLO H.264 Transmitter from Cobham is a rugged, Standard or High Definition digital video transmitter, ideal for motorsport, airborne, sports, news links and law enforcement surveillance applications.

The H.264 Transmitter can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths allowing the user to trade off image quality against range to suit all types of applications. Excellent range, performance and spectral efficiency are offered when operating in the optional narrow bandwidth mode, which combined with the ultra efficient H.264 encoding allows true broadcast quality pictures to be transmitted in only 2.5MHz bandwidth. This enables users to maximise usage of limited RF spectrum as 2 or 3 cameras can occupy the bandwidth previously required by a single MPEG2 system. All modes of DVB-T modulation are also supported.

The increased compression and efficiency of the MPEG4 H.264 encoder offers users additional range with the added benefit of small size, low latency and low power consumption. In particular, HD transmission is possible using 40% lower bit-rates than conventional MPEG2 systems, enabling true HD transmission in a single 8MHz DVB-T channel whilst using robust modulation settings. Able to transmit images in a non-line of sight environment up to 1km depending on mode and frequency, the
transmitter can achieve even further range with an optional clip-on booster PA.

Greater security of the transmission can be ensured using the optional internal AES128/256. The SOLO H.264 transmitter features mounting holes for bespoke applications and can be easily connected to any camera type. A range of camera brackets are available to facilitate easy mounting of the SOLO H.264 transmitter to satisfy many different camera styles.
For excellent range and coverage, the SOLO H.264 transmitter can be operated with the Cobham Pro-RXB receiver (see separate datasheet). The Pro-RXB receiver is available with 2-way, 4-way, 6-way and 8-way diversity.



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