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Amphibico - Discovery 10 Arc light

Amphibico’s Recreational 10 Watt HID Video Arc Light will bring to life your underwater videos when diving in those dark or shady areas of the marine underworld. Enhance your subject’s true colors using High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp technology, when daylight conditions are not favorable.

Compatible with all Amphibico housings, this lightweight and compact all-in-one design uses 2 NP-F550 or 2 NP-F570 Sony® Batteries (Batteries and Charger not included) and brings up to 2 hours of continuous burn time.

Designed with the night diver in mind

These steadfast systems deliver color temperatures of 6000°-7500° Kelvin, which is daylight condition temperature, so nothing left unnoticed when it’s needed most.

Highly favored by underwater divers, the HID technology maintains its daylight color temperature continuously, even when the battery declines in power, this is unlike using Quartz halogen bulbs, which normally are yellow colored and decrease in intensity as the battery level drops.

HID lights are noticeably greater in intensity and whiter

Comparing the light output of a 10-Watt HID lamp at 7000°Kelvin to a 30-Watt Halogen bulb at 3000° Kelvin shows a remarkable difference in perceived light output, the HID lights are noticeably greater in intensity and whiter.

With the Discovery Light’s electronic ballast and the HID light, it will maintain a constant high intensity output even when the battery level drops.

Adjustable ball joint extension arm

For flexibility in motion, the mounted 15” adjustable ball joint extension arm maybe re-positioned as desired. For easy access, controls have been designed in the back of the light.

Like all our imaging equipment, the depth rating is 330 ft; however, it will withstand pressures as deep as 500 ft.

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