POLECAM with 3 Axes Stabilsed Rig

Designed for lightweight cameras, the Polecam is the only lightweight camera crane that can achieve precise and effortless moving shots. When on multiple locations a day, hard to reach locations, a slim schedule, and tight places, this is the crane you’re going to need.

Transports easily in the boot of your car, battery-operated, achieves a nice long length (from 1.2m up to 5.4m) but yet very compact and light. The Polecam is English made using strong carbon extensions and a lightweight head to control Pan/Tilt movements.

The Polecam is operated by a single operator and takes no more than 20min to rig. Excellent for DSLR, C300, X70 and other in range cameras.

We have also adapted the POLECAM system to take our Pheonix Camera System, so you can get smooth shots 3 axes of stabilisation that doesn’t limit you to land but also get some great shoot on the water as well.

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