27th February 2019

Cobham SOLO4 SD Transmitter and Receiver COFDM

Cobham SOLO4 SD Transmitter and Receiver COFDM

Cobham’s SOLO4 – Receiver is a feature-rich diversity input digital video receiver is compatible with multiple COFDM transmission formats from 8MHz DVB-T to 1.25MHz narrowband modes.This receiver is suitable for all mission types and is equipped with video, two voice and data channels and is designed for easy integration into command vehicle, briefcase or central receive applications.

RX Features:


  • Comprehensive on-screen display diagnostics for link analysis,  including a spectrum analyzer
  • Maximum ratio combining antenna diversity for fade and multipath elimination
  • Internal AES128/256 bit encryption
  • Very low delay video operation for real-time applications
  • Incorporating MPEG2 and MPEG4 video decoding

Cobham’s SOLO4 –Transmitter is a feature-rich COFDM digital video transmitter.

The SOLO4 Transmitter can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths allowing the user to trade off image quality against range to suite all types of missions. The SOLO4 Transmitter offers excellent range, performance, and spectral efficiency when operating in the unique 1.25MHz narrow bandwidth modes. For excellent image quality at shorter ranges, the 8MHz DVB-T modulation can be employed.


TX Features:


  1. 8MHz DVB-T modulation
  2. Built-in 32 bit ABS encryption, with AES128/256 also available
  3. User-selectable MPEG2 and MPEG4 image compression

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