21st February 2019

Electra-drive Pan/Tilt System -Kessler MC1001 (MC-1001)

Electra-drive Pan/Tilt System -Kessler MC1001 (MC-1001)

Kessler MC1001 (MC-1001) Revolution Pan and Tilt Head

The Digital Revolution Head brings the latest in digital motion control technology to a proven Kessler platform that can accommodate rigs up to 20 lbs. Ideal for cranes and jibs as well as able to be tripod or slider mounted, the Digital Revolution Head can be mounted over or under-slung to provide dynamic pan and tilt camera movement in a variety of shooting environments.

The Kessler REVOLUTION Pan and Tilt System is Kessler’s answer to the need for an affordable, quality motorised pan & tilt head. After two years of development, they produced a motorised head that addresses the failings of other pan / tilt heads in a similar price range. When paired with the ORACLE Controller kit, we are confident that this should be able to serve as an affordable option for a motorised pan and tilt head.



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