20th November 2020 editor

Extreme Tow Dolly

Extreme Tow Dolly

The Extreme Tow Dolly system is the perfect solution when you want to real look of a vehicle being drive, but for safety is can not be.  The system allows the presenter to focus on delivering the lines.  The cameras can be placed exactly where you want them, without the need to worry about obscuring the drivers view.  The Tow Dolly is more economically efficient than a Low Loader, requires a smaller crew.  The vehicle mounted on it has a low ride height for more realists footage and the steering wheel even turns without the need for acting!  Due to the low ride height contributors can step in and out of the vehicle whilst it is on the Tow Dolly, without the viewer realising so.

Find out about Jennifer Saunder's Memory Lane which was filmed on the Extreme Tow Dolly.

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