27th March 2020

GoPro Mount Kit

New Accessories

GoPro Mount Kit

Looking for more mounting options for your GoPro? The grab bag has the hardware for just that. Capture some of the most immersive shots and images by mounting your GoPro in awkward to reach areas for some of the most spectacular views. The Grab bag comes supplied with a Curved Adhesive mount, Flat Adhesive mount, 2 Mounting Buckles, 3-way pivot arm, Short Thumb Screw, Long Thumb Screw, Flat Thumb Screw. It has all the essentials you need to get started with your new GoPro

Curved Adhesive mount
Flat Adhesive mount
2 Mounting Buckles
3-way pivot arm
2x Short Thumb Screw
1x Long Thumb Screw
Safety Tether

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