27th February 2019

Merlin – M-Power 700 Sine Wave DC/AC Inverters

Merlin - M-Power 700 Sine Wave DC/AC Inverters

  • Pure Sine wave Output
  • Extremely compact, efficient & reliable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Built in display provides battery and inverter status
  • Huge surge power ability for starting difficult loads
  • Optional remote On/Off panel (N15JT)

M-Power inverters simply and silently convert 12V DC battery power to 230V AC electricity. Ideal for operating mains powered devices on board boats and vehicles. M-Power employs state of the art switch-mode power conversion techniques to provide compact, efficient and reliable power. Our Pure Sine wave output ensures compatibility with all AC appliance (Modified Sine wave/Square wave inverters are not compatible with sensitive electronics, variable speed power tools, some chargers and motors).

Connections are via a heavy duty studs on the rear of the unit. AC output connects directly to the UK socket on the front panel. A digital display provides the user with battery and inverter status information.

M-Power inverters interface with an optional remote panel. This provides inverter status information, remote On/Off switch and an ignition inhibit circuit. If connected, the ignition inhibit circuit automatically switches the inverter off when the engine is turned off – perfect for the service van use, where the inverters being left inadvertently on is a regular problem.

As these Pure Sine Wave Inverters transfer a lot of energy a standard wiring kit cannot be provided as it has to be tailored to the distance from the battery to the unit. You will need to provide your own cables and connectors for use with these inverters.


Technical Specification:

M-Power 700W
Maplin part number N12JT
Nominal Input Voltage 12V DC
Input Voltage Range 700W
Surge Capacity (Peak) 1400W
AC Output Frequency 50Hz +/- 0.5Hz
AC Output Voltage Range 230 V AC +/- 10%
Output Waveform True Sine Wave
Efficiency 90%
No Load Current Draw <1000mA
Low Battery Alarm Audible, 11V DC
Low Battery Cutout 10.5V DC
Operating Temperature Range 0°c – 40°c
AC Receptacle UK – Three Pin
Digital Display (Front OF Unit) V DC, AC Output Power & Error Codes
Dimensions (H x W x L) 90 x 185 x 310mm
Weight 2.7Kg
Remote On/Off Panel (25′ Cable) Optional
Standards CE,E-Mark, ABYC, UL

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