17th June 2019

Phoenix and Extreme Riser

Phoenix and Extreme Riser

Extreme Facilities offer a variety of portable tracking options, for mounting to any vehicle. The lightweight custom Phoenix Tracking Rigs offer fully stabilized Camera, Gimbal, & vertical damper. Shooting up to 5.2k, options include, our ultra-smooth motorized riser, for back, front or side mounting. This whole package travels as check-in luggage in only 4 cases including all controls, rigging, and camera system. The Extreme Riser is a heavier duty motorized riser used with a Black Arm and Ronin 2, the system can carry cameras such as the Arri Alexa/Mini, Red Helium, Sony F55, and similar camera systems.


Phoenix & Phoenix Riser

The Phoenix system can be mounted onto any vehicle, front-rear or corner mounted; and packs down in flight cases to be transported. It can be used with just the dampening suspension arm, similar to a Black Arm, by 80% lighter, or with the Riser system as well. The Phoenix Riser is a lightweight 185cm motorized riser fully remote controlled. The X5s Camera can record both ProRes and Cinema DNG and is available with a wide selection of prime lenses and a remote zoom lens.


Extreme Riser

The Extreme Riser works with the Black Arm and a Ronin 2 to carry full-size cameras such as the Arri Alexa/Mini, Reds’ & Sony F55. Like the small Phoenix system, it can be mounted to any vehicle. Extreme Tracking Car Perfect for mounting the Phoenix or Extreme Riser rigs, the 320BHP Audi A6 All-road 4×4 with adjustable damping and ride height, and sports diff makes a perfect tracking vehicle.


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