30th March 2020

Sony HXR-MC1 Minicam USED

Sony HXR-MC1 Minicam USED

We have a quantity of used Sony HXR-Mc1 mincaims, all in full working order and thoroughly tested and cleaned. Supplied with 2x batteries, charger, mains adaptor, belt clip video output cable and 32GB Memory Stick Pro Duo.

The Sony HXR-MC1 is a unique HD camcorder designed for point of view (POV) camera work. Often referred to as a “crash cam,” the HXR-MC1 is ideal for extreme sports, live relay/recording, shooting small animals or insects, or any other situation that would be difficult for conventional video cameras to capture. The HXR-MC1 comes equipped with an off-board tethered LCD panel that allows for instant framing and footage review. The camera’s housing is splash-proof, making it capable of operating under adverse conditions without a problem.

Compact, Splash-proof Even though it is capable of full HD shooting (1920 x 1080), and is equipped with a 10x optical zoom and built-in microphone, the camera is compact, measuring only 1.5 x 1.7 x 3.5″ (3.7 x 4.25 x 8.65 cm). That means it can shoot 1080i HD or SD images and sound in places that no ordinary camcorder can access. It’s possible to attach it to various devices such as helmets or arms by utilizing the screw hole at the bottom of the unit, letting you obtain images from angles that you’ve never experienced before. The camera is also splash-proof, making it suitable for outdoor use and shooting near the water’s edge. All-in-one Recording Recording and playback are possible within the control unit of the HXR-MC1. You don’t need any external recording facility. Maximum battery operation of up to 405 minutes is available thanks to the use of the Exmor CMOS sensor and various low-power consumption technologies. You can shoot anytime, anywhere without having to worry about power supply. Remote Monitoring & Control Since the control unit has a 2.7″ (16:9), 210,000-pixel LCD panel that uses ClearPhoto LCD plus, the images captured by the camera are always at your fingertips. All the menu settings can be accessed using the touch screen LCD panel. The control unit is also equipped with a recording button, zoom lever, and manual control dial–letting you control the camera remotely. Cutting Edge Image Sensor Technology The Exmor CMOS sensor, which is also used in professional camcorders and high-end DSLR cameras, is used in the HXR-MC1. It achieves low noise by multiple micro A/D (analog to digital) converters. The image sensor in the HXR-MC1 also uses a ClearVid pixel array, which has 45-degree rotated pixels. This unique layout offers high picture quality while keeping low-light sensitivity. Long Record Times to Memory Stick Media Memory Stick PRO Duo cards offer the optimum recording media for the compact HXR-MC1. At the same time, the highly efficient compression methods used in both HD and SD modes achieve long recording times, which make the most of Memory Stick PRO Duo storage capacity. In HD recording mode, video is recorded in AVCHD, which uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression–the same method used in Blu-ray Disc. SD video is recorded in MPEG-2. Other Functions Other functions of the HXR-MC1 include:
– Still picture recording
-Dual recording
– Creating still pictures out of movies
– Smooth slow recording
– Touch screen LCD panel
– Visual index
– Film roll index
– File splits
– Play list

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