27th February 2019

Voice Technologies – VT610TC125 Earphone Coiled 125 Ohm

Voice Technologies - VT610TC125 Earphone Coiled 125 Ohm


Voice Technologies is a manufacturer of high-end miniature lavalier microphones, head-worn microphones, and earphones for broadcast, theatre, film, video and conference applications. Established in 1998 in Zurich, Switzerland, the company continues the long tradition of Swiss precision engineering and moulding, resulting in exceptional performance and reliability in their range of miniature and ultra-miniature devices.

Equipped with a 3.5mm jack plug, the earphones are ready for connection to most wireless IFB/cue receivers or other personal listening systems. A wide range of accessories and replacement consumable parts is available.

Full technical specifications are available at www.voicetechnologies.net.

VT600, VT600C, and VT600T

The VT600 series has been conceived for the inconspicuous listening requirements of newscasters, security professionals, stage performers and other talent requiring discreet cueing. Excellent sound and ease of use are the primary user benefits. There is no need for a custom ear mould or snap fit parts, one size effectively fits all. It has a short bend, over-ear acoustic loop, with the 500-ohm transducer located discreetly behind and below the ear. This unit will interface with any wireless or hardwired receiver for monitoring.

The VT600 has a rugged, sweat-proof 1.5mm diameter straight beige cable, fitted with a 2-pole 3.5mm jack plug. The VT600C has a coiled grey cable. The VT600T has a longer, coiled transparent tube so the transducer can be fully concealed under clothing.

Included accessories: The VT600 series are supplied in a silver metal box with a clip and an additional earpiece.
Optional accessories: As an alternative to the standard earpiece a flexible ear insert for left or right ear, in three sizes, is also available.


The VT602 is a stereo version of the VT600. Excellent sound and ease of use are the primary user benefits. It is supplied with two flexible ear inserts. The open frame design still allows the user to hear ambient noise, they fit without pressure entirely in the outer auditory canal. They are very comfortable even after many hours, are hygienic and can be cleaned very easily. The VT602 is the ideal solution for discreet stereo listening (for example with a professional camera).

Impedance 8-12 ohms, 1.2 metre cable fitted with 3-pole 3.5mm jack plug.

Included accessories: The VT602 is supplied in a black pouch bag with a clip and additional earpieces.


The VT610TC125 is an elegant black earphone with an acoustic tube and a cable with connector to suit the equipment to which the earphone is being connected. The earphone has a 125 ohm transducer (‘ear receiver’), a coloured clip and a transparent acoustic tube which directs the sound into the ear canal and reduces the ingress of ambient noise.

Impedance 125 ohms, 1.5 metre cable fitted with a 2-pole 3.5mm right angle jack plug.

Included accessories: The VT610TC25 is supplied in a silver metal box.

VT60M and VT60i MkII

The VT60 miniature earphone is a very small and extremely lightweight earphone, totally unobtrusive and in most cases almost invisible. The built-in receiver is connected with a thin cable and the silicon earpiece at the end of the receiver is placed directly into the ear canal, facilitating high quality sound as well as isolation from outside noise. It is designed for applications including stage presentations, theatre and broadcast studio operations. Impedance 500 ohms. cable 1.2 metres fitted with a 2-pole 3.5mm right angle jack plug.

The VT60M has a beige 1mm diameter cable, 1.2 metres length, fitted with a 2-pole 3.5mm right and jack plug. The VT60i MkII has an ultra fine connecting wire for the absolute minimum visibility, also terminated in a 2-pole 3.5mm right angle jack plug.

Included accessories: Earpiece, clip.

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