27th February 2019

Honda EU9i Generator Inverter

Honda EU9i Generator Inverter

Distinctive features of the EU9i model: 

The EU9i was developed as a versatile, portable unit for many uses in many places. It is powered by the world’s smallest and lightest 2.5PS 4-stroke multipurpose engine, the newly developed GXH50, and features both a computer-controlled sine wave inverter (first in its class) and a high-speed multipolar alternator. This EU9i is about 50% lighter than models of comparable output, making it easy to carry and the perfect choice for outdoor purposes. This unit provides as good a power quality as that of a commercial power supply for a safe, reliable mobile power source.


  • It is powered by the GXH50, a newly developed 2.5PS/7,000 rpm 4-stroke multipurpose engine
  • Two units can be used in parallel for a 1.8kVA maximum output to further extend the range of applications.
  • The eco-throttle system, double-encapsulation sound reduction, and large-capacity muffler contribute to a 52 to 57 dB(A) noise level and extended continuous operation capability.
  • The adoption of an electronic governor allows switching between 50Hz and 60Hz cycles. Power output remains the same no matter which power cycle is chosen.
  • Convenience features such as a central control panel, and a central maintenance cover help make this unit extremely easy to use.


AC rated output (50/60Hz) 900VA
DC output 12V-8A
Continuous operation (25% to 100% rated output) about 8.7 hours to about 3.9 hours
Fuel tank (l) 2.3
L x W x H (mm) 450 x 240 x 380
Dry weight (kg) 13
Noise level (7m) (25% to 100% rated output) 52* to 57dB(A)
*Eco-throttle on

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